Why Pickleball is an Ideal Activity for the Fort Myers 55+ Community

Why Pickleball is an Ideal Activity for the Fort Myers 55+ CommunityWhat comes to mind when you hear the words "active adult?" Maybe it is playing an afternoon of golf, or catching a game of tennis. Today, the image popping into people's heads is a showdown on the pickleball court. The tennis, ping pong, and badminton brainchild game of pickleball has caught fire in Fort Myers, FL communities, though it is the dedication from individuals 55+ that has made the sport a staple at active adult communities.

Continue to read to find out why pickleball is an ideal activity for Fort Myers 55+ community members.

Perfect Sport for 55+

Pickleball is a low-impact sport, meaning it leaves minimal wear and tear on joints. While golf, tennis, and other sports for the 55+ demographic are wonderful for cardiovascular health, they can be harmful to people with joint problems or limitations, as well as preexisting injuries. The lightness of the ball coupled with the smaller size of the court means players are still getting a workout, but they aren't putting themselves at a high risk of injury.

An Avenue to Socialization

Social isolation is associated with an increased risk of dementia, depression, and premature death. Yet, without work or school-aged children, it can be hard to make friends as an older adult. Enter pickleball. Courts have sprung up not only in Fort Myers neighborhoods, but also in local YMCAs, and tennis clubs in Fort Myers, FL, offering the perfect chance for socialization through a fair game of pickleball as the parameters require interaction among other players.

An Easy Game

The paddles used in games of pickleball are unlike its forefathers of Tennis, badminton, and ping pong, as they are large, yet light. The ball is easy to hit with little practice, meaning that even beginners stand a likely chance at winning a game against someone who attends the game regularly. In under an hour, new players generally find themselves volleying back and forth over the net and genuinely enjoying themselves.

Easy On your Wallet

There is very little equipment needed to play pickleball–namely just a paddle. New courts have popped up in many 55+ communities, as well as regular neighborhoods in Fort Myers, as well as fitness centers and community parks. Though borrowed paddles are easily accessible, even buying a new one is easy on your wallet.

A Great Way to Get Out with the Family

As the game is easy to learn, involves social interaction, and is suitable for those from all walks of life, pickleball is the perfect opportunity for active adults and children to play and bond over a fun game. As the paddle and ball used for the game are light, people of all ages from children strong enough to swing a paddle to adults post-retirement, this popular family activity is the perfect bonding experience.

An Extremely Popular Game

Pickleball is no longer a "new" sport or referred to as "up and coming." People talk about it and invite their friends or join to make new ones. Many seem addicted after playing only a few times, for all of the above reasons. Parks and recreational departments try to meet the demands of the public, building new pickleball courts or repurposing tennis courts for pickleball games. You can play this fun game indoors or outdoors, so you can play in any weather.

The Bottom Line

With so many reasons to play pickleball and few drawbacks, why not consider playing? It is affordable, convenient, good exercise, gentle on the joints, fun, and offers great social opportunities! Let the professionals at Pelican Team guide you in finding your dream home in the many flourishing pickleball communities of Fort Myers, FL today!

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