Why Do You Need Rain Gutters On Your Home?

You need rain gutters on your house for the obvious reason of preventing rain or water damage. You rarely see a house without gutters however, some homes may not need gutters. It all depends on the build of your home, the location of your home, and if your home could experience potential water issues.

Rain Gutters-Why?Why Do You Need Rain Gutters On Your Home?

Rain gutters control the water that hits your roof. It directs the water into a flow that moves away from the house. Water moves through the gutter and off the home. If you do not have gutters then water can run off the roof of your home and build up in a stagnant pool against the home which can cause water damage to your foundation over time. Gutters can not move water effectively if they are not maintained and cleaned out frequently. If you have damaged gutters they can in turn create damage to your home because water could be pooling up against your roof. Gutters prevent erosion because of how they control water runoff. This helps protect your landscaping around the property as well.

Rain Gutters-Why Not?

If you live somewhere that doesn't have a lot of rain or snow then you may not need gutters. If the amount of water running off your roof is not significant then you do not need gutters. The main focus is to protect your home from water damage and if this is a non-issue then gutters are not in question. There may be a home that does not have gutters and has never experienced any damage and it is reasonable to assume that this home may not need gutters but you should always consult a professional. You may want to take into account how the ground slopes. Is it sloping away from the house?

In Conclusion

There are different types of roofs so you need to consult a professional when deciding whether or not you are installing gutters or replacing your gutters. Some roofs have an overhang that will require a much more complex gutter installation. You want to make sure you have all of the information so you can decide what is best for you practically and aesthetically.

For those of us that live in Fort Myers, we need rain gutters. We are no strangers to rain here and as a result, we must prepare our homes to be taken care of as best as we can with the weather we have regularly. The wet winter and spring seasons require us to have rain gutters on our house so that we can prevent all potential water damage. Not only do we need gutters, but we need gutter maintenance to ensure they are working properly.

For more information on home ownership whether you are looking to buy or sell real estate, contact us. We would love to help you make sure the home you are buying has all the necessary components to keep it weatherproof.

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